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Update on electronic signatures

Australia - August 23 2021 There have been a range of updates to the legislation which governs electronic signatures following our last Alert, Temporary relief measures for…

Rohan Harris, Mark McKinley, Andrew Parlour, Rosemary Southgate, Melanie Young

New Whistleblower laws commence on 1 July 2019

Australia - June 17 2019 The long awaited reforms to Australian whistleblower laws commence on 1 July 2019. The new legislation will apply to all "companies" (including any…

Rohan Harris, Libby Pallot

New rules for resigning directors come into force

Australia - February 26 2021 Significant changes have been introduced for company directors when resigning their position. From 18 February 2021, new rules exist regarding the…

Rohan Harris, Solomon Miller, Andrew Parlour, Jonathan Teh

Payment Terms to be Disclosed

Australia - November 12 2020 New laws have now been passed by both houses of the Federal Government in the form of the Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 (Cth)(Act). The Act is…

Nahum Ayliffe, Joe Denina, Rohan Harris, Walter MacCallum

Whistleblower Reform

Australia, OECD - February 23 2018 Put yourself in these shoes… You think your CFO boss is feeding false information to the company auditors to cover up accounting irregularities in the…

Rohan Harris, Libby Pallot