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Was it a gift or a loan? Understanding the difference between the two concepts in Family Law proceedings.

Australia - August 4 2022 It has become increasingly difficult to enter into the property market due to the decline in housing affordability in Australia. This in turn has…

Amanda Doring

Land Tax Changes for Charitable Organisations

Australia - May 2 2022 The State Revenue Office (SRO) has issued a new ruling, LTA-009 (Ruling), in relation to the land tax exemptions available to charitable…

William Reid, Rosemary Southgate

Electronic Execution of Documents Made Permanent

Australia - March 1 2022 The permanent use of electronic execution of documents has pleasingly been approved, following the passing of the Corporations Amendment (Meetings and…

Rohan Harris, Rory Maguire, Andrew Parlour, Rosemary Southgate, Jacqueline Vuong, Melanie Young

Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme extended: 2022 Amendments

Australia - February 4 2022 The Victorian Government has again extended the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme (CTRS) to support small to medium businesses. This version of the…

Samantha Taylor, Emma Dunlevie, William Reid, Melanie Young

Windfall Gains Tax - implications of yet another new property tax

Australia - October 19 2021 Developers, landowners and charities must be aware of another approaching tax which will have significant impacts on land which is rezoned in…

Shaun Burmester