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The Current Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings and Distributed Ledger Technology in the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

United Arab Emirates - March 9 2018 Investors, traders and issuers of cryptocurrencies face an ambiguous regulatory climate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). On the one hand, the UAE…

Kilian Bälz, Christopher Gunson

A general introduction to the regulation of virtual currencies in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates - September 7 2020 This article reviews the need-to-know features of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing virtual currencies in United Arab Emirates, with particular regard to applicable securities and banking laws.

Christopher Gunson

Doing Business with Iran after the US's Withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal

Iran, USA - June 14 2018 When US President Donald Trump announced in May 2018 that the US administration would cease implementing the U.S. commitments under the "Nuclear Deal"…

Kilian Bälz

Iran Sanctions Compliance Requirements for Non-US Businesses after Implementation Day

Iran, USA - October 19 2016 "Implementation Day" as defined in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between the P5+1 countries and Iran occurred on 16 January 2016…

Christopher Gunson

OFAC issues cryptocurrency compliance guidance, suggesting it may add digital cryptocurrency addresses to its SDN List

USA - May 20 2018 OFAC issued specific guidance on sanction compliance for transactions involving cryptocurrencies and disclosed it may include digital currency…