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Online Sale of OTC Pharmaceutical Products in Turkey

Turkey - May 10 2016 Online sale of over the counter ("OTC") pharmaceutical products is banned in Turkey because the legislative framework deems not specifically address…

Gökçe Izgi

Importing Pharmaceuticals to the Turkish Market

Turkey - October 5 2016 Given the potential risks posed to public health, the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most strictly regulated sectors in many countries…

Gökçe Izgi

Parallel Import and Repackaging of Pharmaceutical Products in Turkey

Turkey - December 15 2016 While the European Union has long determined its approach to trademark issues for parallel imports and repackaging of pharmaceuticals, Turkish…

Gökçe Izgi

European Court of Justice: Italian Vinegar Makers Lost the Battle Over “Balsamico” Name

European Union, Turkey - December 26 2019 The European Court of Justice ("ECJ") has examined the Italian balsamic vinegar manufacturer Consorzio Tutela Aceto Balsamico di Modena's…

Ezgi Baklaci Gülkokar

Ads in Disguise: How to Comply with Regulations in Turkey

Turkey - February 8 2019 In today’s digital world, brands, as well as individuals, use social media and internet effectively and actively. Users can follow up any content…

Ezgi Baklaci Gülkokar