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First GDPR Enforcement Action Taken Against a Data Controller Located Outside the EU

European Union, United Kingdom - January 8 2019 The first enforcement action under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR") has been taken against a data controller outside the…

Burcu Tuzcu Ersin

OTT Market and Regulations in Turkey

European Union, OECD, Turkey - March 24 2021 Since the first affordable home radios occupied a central place in living rooms around the world, consumers have sought ever more convenient and…

Burcu Tuzcu Ersin, Ceylan Necipoğlu

Turkey Publishes Further Details of Notary and Fee Exemptions Intended to Encourage Investment

Turkey - November 1 2016 Turkey has published secondary legislation, outlining further details for a recent law which lifted notary and other fees (more). Notable exemptions…

E. Benan Arseven

Turkey’s Data Protection Board Fined Facebook Over Data Breach

Turkey - October 22 2019 Turkey's Personal Data Protection Board ("Board") fined Facebook due to failure to take the necessary technical and administrative measures to prevent…

Burcu Tuzcu Ersin

Turkey Updates Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards

Turkey - January 5 2018 Turkey's Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority has updated a range of Financial Reporting Standards and Accounting Standards…

E. Benan Arseven