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Factuurfraude: wie is aansprakelijk?

Netherlands - February 24 2016 Volgens de wet is een geldschuld een brengschuld. Wanneer er sprake is van girale betaling naar aanleiding van een ontvangen factuur, geldt de bank…

Articles 23 CMRr and 29 CMR: breakthrough of liability

Netherlands - August 14 2012 The Dutch Supreme Court has just handed down a judgment dealing with the limitation of carriers' liability under art. 23 CMR and a breakthrough of limitation as per art. 29 CMR (and the equivalent under Dutch law art. 8:1108 Dutch Civil Code).

CMR and Successive Carriage of Goods

Germany, Netherlands - January 18 2016 On 11 September 2015 the Dutch Supreme Court rendered judgment (C&J Veldhuizen Holding B.V. V Beurskens Allround Cargo B.v., S&S 2016/1) on the…

Giulia Argento

Ports & Terminals in the Netherlands

Netherlands - November 13 2018 A structured guide to ports & terminals in the Netherlands

Charlotte van Steenderen

Intercontainer Interfrigo SC (ICF) v Balkenende Oosthuizen BV and MIC Operations BV

Netherlands - November 13 2009 The case at hand deals with a reference from the Dutch Supreme Court for a preliminary ruling concerning the Convention on the law applicable to contractual obligations, open for signature in Rome on 19 June 1980 (OJ 1980 L 266, p.1) (“the Convention”).