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Q1 l 2020

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MHCLG Approves a Licensing Scheme for Waltham Forest

United Kingdom - January 23 2020 It had been suggested on the back of the refusal of the MHCLG to approve the blanket selective licensing scheme being sought by Liverpool City…

Electrical Checks for all Private Landlords From July

United Kingdom - January 15 2020 It is clear that civil servants have been busy behind the scenes during the period of purdah caused by the General Election. On top of a range of…

Welsh Government Gives Indications as to Standards Required Once Renting Homes is in Force

United Kingdom - January 13 2020 The Renting Homes (Wales) Act has had a long gestation. It has shown little signs of progress since it was passed back in 2016. However, a commitment…

5mld commences- the impact on the property sector

United Kingdom - January 10 2020 Despite holding a consultation and promising to have this done in good time the government has been less than effective about fulfilling its…

Queen’s Speech Confirms Ending of Section 21

United Kingdom - December 19 2019 As had been widely trailed the Queen’s Speech included reference to a bill to abolish section 21 possession actions. While the speech itself was…