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Can I terminate a business contract due to coronavirus?

Australia, United Kingdom - March 19 2020 Coronavirus has interrupted domestic and international supply chains adversely, affecting the performance of contractual obligations. Contractual…

Graham Roberts

Unfair preferences - creditor’s defence of not suspecting insolvency

Australia - December 4 2017 Just because a liquidator asserts you have received an unfair preference, does not necessarily mean you have or that there are no potential defences…

Graham Roberts, Rocco Russo

Arbitrator’s order to disclose confidential information considered by Queensland Supreme Court

Australia - May 8 2017 Arbitration is a popular avenue for resolving commercial disputes. One of the key advantages of arbitration is that parties can choose to keep the…

Rocco Russo

Defamation: A business can be liable for defamatory comments on its Facebook page

Australia - July 1 2019 A recent court decision held that a business can be liable for defamatory comments made by the public on its Facebook page. Facts of the case Voller…

Mali Karunaratne, Graham Roberts, Rocco Russo

Subcontractors’ charges - what’s changed under the BIF Act?

Australia - March 8 2019 On 17 December 2018, the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (BIF Act) came into force, consolidating the laws for security of…

Mali Karunaratne, Graham Roberts, Rocco Russo