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A Historic Moment in Indian Water Rights in New Mexico: Entry of the Aamodt Final Decree

USA - August 29 2017 The United States District Court for the District of New Mexico entered its final decree in State of New Mexico, ex rel. State Engineer v. Aamodt, a…

Maria O'Brien

Native American Law Watch Summer 2017

USA - June 1 2017 On June 10, 2016, Congress passed the Indian Trust Asset Reform Act (ITARA), and on June 22, 2016, President Barack Obama signed it into law…

Deana M. Bennett, Emil Kiehne, Maria O'Brien, Lynn H. Slade, Walter E. Stern

The Congressional Review Act: Regulations on the Chopping Block

USA - March 1 2017 Since it was enacted, the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Act of 1996, better known as the Congressional Review Act,1 has been rarely used and…

Jennifer L. Bradfute

Indian Law Cases Pending Before the Supreme Court Worth Following

USA - March 18 2016 Dollar General Corporation v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians: Perhaps the highest profile case pending before the Court raises the issue of the…

Brian K. Nichols, Lynn H. Slade

Wind Energy: Challenged Under Federal Regulations, but More Native American Nations Appear to Be Embracing Its Development

USA - February 24 2016 Wind farms offer a source of low-carbon energy and are being developed around the world as governments and private entities seek new sources of…

Walter E. Stern