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Virtual vs. written general meeting

Switzerland - April 6 2021 In the case of publicly traded companies, the size of the shareholder base is an important decisionmaking criterion, since publicly traded companies…

Niklaus Kunz

Virtuelle vs. schriftlich durchgeführte Generalversammlung

Switzerland - April 6 2021 Bei Publikumsgesellschaften ist bereits die Grösse des Aktionärskreises ein wesentliches Entscheidungskriterium, da Publikumsgesellschaften in der…

Niklaus Kunz

Legal Aspect of Coronavirus IV - The Walk into Uncertainty

Switzerland - April 2 2020 The Corona Virus currently has our whole life in a stranglehold and affects our everyday life. This not only from a medical or economic point of view…

Niklaus Kunz

Legal Aspects of Coronavirus in Switzerland III - Update on Assembly Ban

Switzerland - March 20 2020 About two weeks ago, still at the beginning of the outbreak of the corona virus in Switzerland, we already reported on the difficulties for companies…

Niklaus Kunz

Legal Aspects of Coronavirus in Switzerland II - Force Majeur

Global, Switzerland - March 10 2020 The coronavirus is spreading world-wide and has arrived in Europe and North America. As a result, the consequences of the coronavirus no longer…

Niklaus Kunz