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Family-Owned Business Divorce: When Litigation is Your Only Remedy

USA - September 22 2022 Family-owned businesses can be an optimal means for transferring and preserving family wealth. When the family works cooperatively in their respective…

Jeremy G. Suiter

California Business Divorce: Reverse Veil Piercing: Permitting a Court to Hold a Company Liable for the Debt of an Individual Owner

USA - August 22 2022 You have likely heard the term “piercing the veil.” This legal doctrine permits a court to ignore corporate formalities and hold an individual owner…

Jeremy G. Suiter

COVID-19 Alert #8 - Force Majeure

USA - April 3 2020 Contract terms that indicate that COVID-19 would qualify as a force majeure event are references to a “pandemic,“ “epidemic“ and/or “disease.“…