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So when is a patent claim too broad?

United Kingdom - March 27 2013 In Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc v Genentech Inc [2013] EWCA Civ 93 the Court of Appeal dismissed the claimants' appeal, rejecting all their…

Carissa Kendall-Palmer.

When is an embryo an embryo?

United Kingdom - May 30 2013 Despite recent guidance, the UK High Court has deemed it necessary to refer a question to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) that…

Fergus Tyrell.

Uncertainty remains over medical device SPCs in Europe

European Union - April 10 2014 The UK Intellectual Property Office has refused to grant an SPC for a medical device, as noted in the decision BL O/141/14. Whilst those aware of the…

SPCs for antibodies: a CJEU reference probably but not immediately

European Union, United Kingdom - September 17 2012 The Patents Court has issued another judgment expressing dissatisfaction with the CJEU’s ruling in Medeva (C-322/10).

Antibody claims held sufficient, but how valuable will they be?

United Kingdom - September 19 2012 In the latest Eli Lilly v HGS ruling, the Court of Appeal has found HGS antibody claims to be sufficient, given the Supreme Court has already held the claims to be capable of industrial applicability.