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Uncertainty remains over medical device SPCs in Europe

European Union - April 10 2014 The UK Intellectual Property Office has refused to grant an SPC for a medical device, as noted in the decision BL O/141/14. Whilst those aware of the…

When is an embryo an embryo?

United Kingdom - May 30 2013 Despite recent guidance, the UK High Court has deemed it necessary to refer a question to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) that…

Fergus Tyrell

So when is a patent claim too broad?

United Kingdom - March 27 2013 In Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc v Genentech Inc [2013] EWCA Civ 93 the Court of Appeal dismissed the claimants' appeal, rejecting all their…

Carissa Kendall-Palmer

Antibody claims held sufficient, but how valuable will they be?

United Kingdom - September 19 2012 In the latest Eli Lilly v HGS ruling, the Court of Appeal has found HGS antibody claims to be sufficient, given the Supreme Court has already held the claims to be capable of industrial applicability.

SPCs for antibodies: a CJEU reference probably but not immediately

European Union, United Kingdom - September 17 2012 The Patents Court has issued another judgment expressing dissatisfaction with the CJEU’s ruling in Medeva (C-322/10).