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Creditors with secured contingent and future claims will have more certainty, but all creditors in general should be prepared for some limitation of their rights

Czech Republic - February 28 2017 On 14 February 2017 the President of the Czech Republic signed an extensive amendment to the Insolvency Act. The amendment brings significant changes…

Dušan Sedláček.

Czech Republic - Restructuring under the Directive proposal - an opportunity or a threat?

Czech Republic - February 12 2018 Intensive debate is currently under way in EU bodies on the proposal for a directive that could have a substantial impact on insolvency proceedings…

Petr Chytil.

Ground-breaking Czech Supreme Court decision on balance-sheet insolvency

Czech Republic - September 3 2019 The definition of insolvency is a key element of the insolvency law. It opens the gate for tools that enable creditors to safeguard their rights…

Czech Republic - Amended debt-relief legislation brings numerous limitations not only to creditors

Czech Republic - August 10 2017 Debt relief is by far the most frequent way of resolving insolvency under Czech law. According to statistics, as many as 26,482 insolvency petitions…

Lukáš Novopacký.

Czech Republic - Liquidity gap as a new approach to insolvency

Czech Republic - August 10 2017 On 1 July 2017, a major amendment to the Czech Insolvency Act came into effect. The amendment introduces a change to the definition of insolvency -…

Jirí Rahm.