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Ground-breaking Czech Supreme Court decision on balance-sheet insolvency

Czech Republic - September 3 2019 The definition of insolvency is a key element of the insolvency law. It opens the gate for tools that enable creditors to safeguard their rights…

Czech Republic - Restructuring under the Directive proposal - an opportunity or a threat?

Czech Republic - February 12 2018 Intensive debate is currently under way in EU bodies on the proposal for a directive that could have a substantial impact on insolvency proceedings…

Petr Chytil.

Czech Republic - Substantial changes concerning voting right rules

Czech Republic - August 10 2017 The Insolvency Act has significantly strengthened the position of creditors in comparison with the former Bankruptcy and Composition Act. Nevertheless…

Petr Chytil.

Czech Republic - Liquidity gap as a new approach to insolvency

Czech Republic - August 10 2017 On 1 July 2017, a major amendment to the Czech Insolvency Act came into effect. The amendment introduces a change to the definition of insolvency -…

Jirí Rahm.

Czech Republic - An amendment to the Insolvency Act seeks to avoid vexatious insolvency petitions - however, the price may be too high

Czech Republic - August 10 2017 One very serious problem associated with insolvency proceedings in the Czech Republic is submitting 'vexatious' insolvency petitions. In general…

Petr Chytil.