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Is Telecommuting a Reasonable Accommodation in Ohio?

USA - February 21 2019 In the recently issued decision in McDaniel v. Wilkie, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio considered whether telecommuting…

Positive legislative change in Ohio—reduced statute of limitations for actions based on written contracts

USA - October 17 2012 Ohio historically had one of the longest statutes of limitations for written contracts—weighing in at 15 years.

Tort reform applies to claims under Ohio Civil Rights Act

USA - July 6 2012 On July 3, 2012, the Ohio Supreme Court directed the Eighth District Court of Appeals to apply the Ohio Supreme Court’s ruling in Havel v. Villa St. Joseph, 131 Ohio St.3d 235 (2012) that, upon motion of a party, Ohio Revised Code § 2315.21(B) requires a trial court to bifurcate claims for compensatory and punitive damages, to a retaliation claim asserted under Ohio Revised Code § 4112.

LerVal M. Elva, Josephine S. Noble