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How green are you? What can happen to fashion brands falling foul of the Green Claims Code?

United Kingdom - August 10 2022 On 29 July 2022, the Competition and Markets Authority announced that it was investigating the sustainability claims made by ASOS, Asda, and Boohoo…

Millie Pierce, Stephen Sidkin

When intellectual property and online marketplaces collide: Amazon infringed Beverly Hills Polo Club trade marks

European Union, United Kingdom - August 4 2022 It may be a glib remark, but online marketplaces have revolutionised commerce. What you can buy, where you can buy it from and how you buy it has…

Scott Steinberg

The Samsung smartwatch and Swatch: trade mark infringement in the spotlight

United Kingdom - July 27 2022 In a recent case, the High Court has ruled that Samsung infringed Swatch’s trade marks by including them in digital watch faces, despite the fact…

Scott Steinberg

Do you consent to cookies? The latest data protection reforms in the UK

United Kingdom - July 27 2022 The government has announced significant proposed reforms to data privacy laws in the form of a Data Reform Bill, which was introduced into…

Vladimir Arutyunyan, Kolvin Stone

Direct(or) responsibility: 10 ways a director could be held personally liable in 2022

United Kingdom - March 1 2022 A recently published case has shone a new light on the well-known fact of English company law - that a company has its own legal personality and is…

Paul Taylor