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JAMS Global Construction Solutions, Winter 2023

USA - December 16 2022 In common with commercial arbitration, a large Proportion of treaty-based Investor-State disputes involve construction issues. In the Annual Report…

Deborah S. Ballati, Peter Kamminga, Joe Tirado

JAMS Neutrals Featured on ABA Construction Law’s Table Talk Series

USA - November 17 2022 JJAMS neutrals Deborah S. Ballati, Esq. And Patricia Thompson, Esq., FCIArb were recently featured in an Episode of the American Bar Association…

Deborah S. Ballati

When Mediation Conduct Goes Wrong

USA - October 27 2022 While most mediation participants act professionally, with courtesy and decorum appropriate to the dispute resolution process, some do not. Perhaps…

Deborah S. Ballati

[PODCAST] Demystifying Mediation Myths in the Construction Industry

USA - April 12 2022 A podcast from JAMS featuring neutrals Patricia H. Thompson, Esq., FCIArb, and Bruce A. Edwards, Esq., on some of the top myths on ADR within the…

Bruce A. Edwards

“My Story” Featuring Patricia H. Thompson, Esq.

USA - March 25 2022 Patricia H. Thompson, Esq., joined JAMS after 46 years of trial, arbitration and appellate practice. She uses her experience and preparation to help…