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Digital Mobbing: The Concept and Evaluation Under Turkish Law

Turkey - November 30 2022 Digital mobbing refers to verbal or behavioral bullying, harassment, or the victimization of persons in environments where communication is conducted…

Ece Basaran Küçük, Kayra Üçer

Greener Arbitration, Greener World

Global, Turkey - November 30 2022 Fighting climate change around the world has become an undisputed political priority and an environmental necessity. This priority is reflected in…

S. Aslı Budak

Türkiye arabuluculuk sonucunda yapilan milletlerarasi sulh anlaşmalari hakkinda birleşmiş milletler konvansiyonunu onayladi

Turkey - June 1 2021 Birleşmiş Milletler Uluslararası Ticaret Hukuku Komisyonu (UNCITRAL) tarafından hazırlanan Arabuluculuk Sonucunda Yapılan Milletlerarası Sulh…

S. Aslı Budak

Turkey has ratified the united nations convention on international settlement agreements resulting from mediation

Turkey - May 31 2021 The law numbered 7282 on the approval of the ratification of the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from…

S. Aslı Budak

Artificial Intelligence in Arbitration- Current Uses and the Turkish Law Approach

Turkey - April 6 2021 Artificial intelligence ("AI") refers to technologically created intelligence that is able to learn and process enormous amounts of data by using…

Ada Atasoy, S Aslı Budak