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Digital Mobbing: The Concept and Evaluation Under Turkish Law

Turkey - November 30 2022 Digital mobbing refers to verbal or behavioral bullying, harassment, or the victimization of persons in environments where communication is conducted…

Seher Elif Köse Özgüç, Kayra Üçer

The Pandemic as a New Learning Era for Advertisement Law

Turkey - November 30 2022 The powerful effect that advertisements have on consumer behavior is used as a marketing strategy in almost every industry, the health sector being…

Ayse Hergüner Bilgen, Lale Mina Çobanoğlu

Newsletter- Winter Spring 2020

Turkey, United Kingdom - March 17 2021 During these unprecedented times in which our country as well as the entire World must deal with the severe consequences of this pandemic, our goal…

Senem Denktaş, S. Aslı Budak, Piraye Kuranel Başol, Nilay Akcay, Mey Akkayan, Ayse Hergüner Bilgen, Suleyman Cengiz, Mustafa Mert Dicle, Ada Gavremoğlu, Serkan Gül, Ümit Hergüner, Nazim Olcay Kurt, Berkan Özer, Seher Elif Köse Özgüç, Kohen Poyastro, Dilber Kohen Poyastro, Mete Siber, Deniz Tuncel, Kayra Üçer, Zeynep Ahu Sazci Uzun, Ahmet Zafer Yılmaz

Concordato in its revised form: practical issues faced

Turkey - October 16 2020 The Turkish bankruptcy regime went through a fundamental change on 15 March 2018 when a legislative change abolished the postponement of bankruptcy…

Mustafa Mert Dicle, Ufuk Yalçın

Digitalization, speed, and efficiency in the Turkish judiciary… here comes the 2nd judicial reform package

Turkey - July 28 2020 Novelties that help ease the judicial process such as attending hearings via audio and video transfer and requesting seizures through online means…

H. Tolga Danışman, Mustafa Mert Dicle