Local authorities could soon be required to offer social housing tenants a Right to Move guarantee.

The government plans to introduce regulations and statutory guidance on the issue to ensure tenants who need to move for work are not forced to the bottom of the housing waiting list.

As a result, those who manage to find an employment or apprenticeship opportunity in another part of the country will not have to give up their home in order to take it up.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles argued that social housing tenants who want to "work hard and get on in life" should be supported rather than penalised.

This, he said, means councils can no longer force them to "choose between their home or the chance of a new job which could transform their lives".

Mr Pickles stated that the Right to Move guarantee will ensure that anyone who needs to move closer to work or is offered employment in a different area can "move on and move up" - rather than "find themselves back at square one on the housing waiting list".

Many social tenants have struggled to secure new tenancies in different local authority areas as they are up against applicants deemed to be in higher need.

However, the new system means those who are relocating for work purposes will be given greater priority.

Councils will not be able to prevent these people moving to their area by invoking their local connection requirements, while they will also have to extend their hardship criteria to cover individuals moving for work.

In addition, the Right to Move regulations will require local authorities to have a small proportion of housing set aside for those who have to relocate to pursue employment or training opportunities.