The Mayor of London's new planning policy for the city includes new requirements for boroughs to actively aim to protect valued pubs where possible.

A new document states they must put policies in place that safeguard as well as "retain, manage and enhance" licensed premises.

Steve O'Connell, author of the report and planning spokesman for GLA Conservatives, said the commitment to protecting valued pubs from being lost "where it is possible to do so" is important.

He described the local pub as a "great British institution", which means authorities must do all they can to help them thrive in communities across the country.

Mr O'Connell said London boroughs must "take forward these protections into their own local plans and introduce rigorous market testing and viability tests before any development on pub sites can be considered".

He went on to insist that developers demonstrate they have marketed a site for a "reasonable amount of time" before planning permission can be considered.

Mr O'Connell also stated that a pub must have been standing unoccupied for a minimum of two years, while any new development must not have a detrimental effect on the character of a street.