The High Court has awarded £337 million to the wife of a hedge fund manager in their divorce case.

Sir Chris Hohn and Jamie Cooper-Hohn had been married for 17 years but following their separation in 2012, they disputed how their £700 million fortune should be divided.

Mrs Cooper-Hohn, who co-founded the Children's Investment Fund with her husband, had been arguing she was entitled to half, as much of their fortune was created while they were married.

However, Sir Chris was only willing to offer a quarter, on the grounds that his investment expertise meant he made a special contribution to their wealth.

The couple also disputed the size of their joint assets, with Sir Chris insisting he is worth £67 million and his wife saying their wealth came to approximately £849 million.

It is believed the £337 million award is the biggest of its kind that has ever been made by an English judge.

Emily Brand, head of the family department at Winckworth Sherwood, commented: "The full decision on this case is being handed down on 12 December.  

"The initial reports indicate Mrs Cooper-Hohn has been awarded significantly less than 50 per cent of the couple’s joint assets, which would indicate that Mr Hohn has won his argument that he should receive a greater share of the assets due to his stellar contribution.  

"He is one of 42 so-called hedge fund billionaires. If the reports are true, this gives a strong message to the financial world.  If you are a genius at making money, you may not have to share your wealth equally with your wife, even in London - dubbed the divorce capital of the world.”