A consultation on introducing a late-night levy in Liverpool will commence next month.

Liverpool City Council has confirmed opinions on the policy will be sought between January 12th and April 10th.

The authority is looking at introducing a late-night levy for licensed premises that trade between midnight and 06:00.

Money generated by the charge will be split between the council and the police and be used to tackle alcohol-related crime and disorder at night.

Funds produced by the levy will also go towards promoting public safety and cleaning relevant highways and land in the local authority area.

It is expected that 30 per cent of the revenues will go to Liverpool City Council, with the remaining 70 per cent going to the police.

Official estimates of how much money would be generated by a late-night levy in the city vary significantly, as one approach could lead to annual revenues of around £60,000, while another model could produce up to £420,000 a year.

Robert Botkai, a partner at Winckworth Sherwood Solicitors, commented: "Licence holders will wish to respond to this consultation.

"It seems that there is great uncertainty on the level of income that may be raised and presumably this is in part due to the council not knowing which licence holders will throw in the towel and vary their licences so as not to be caught by the levy. 

"Vertical drinking establishments that close before midnight will not pay a levy. Small shops open after midnight anywhere within the Liverpool area will be subject to the levy. It is important that the trade ensures that its voice is heard.