Carlsberg may be about to water down its Special Brew product to demonstrate its commitment to curbing irresponsible drinking.

The company recently signed up to the government's responsibility deal, which states that it must not sell carbonated products containing at least four units of alcohol in one can.

As a result, it will need to make changes to its super-strength lager, such as reducing how much alcohol a 500 ml can contains.

Bruce Ray, corporate affairs director at Carlsberg UK, said the company recognises the "important role packaging can play alongside other factors in creating a responsible drinking environment" as part of its leadership role within Britain's alcoholic beverage industry.

This, he stated, means it will be reviewing its product portfolio and withdrawing any single-serve cans that contain more than four units of alcohol from sale during 2015.

However, he stressed that it is "clearly down to individual consumers how they drink our products".

Special Brew was first brewed in honour of former prime minister Winston Churchill. He had typically favoured cognac, so brewers at Carlsberg marked his visit to Copenhagen in 1950 by creating a stronger commemorative beer to satisfy his tastes.

The drink was rolled out across Denmark two years later and arrived on British shores in the 1970s.