The government is under pressure to make increasing the supply of retirement housing a greater priority.
According to Clive Fenton, chief executive of McCarthy & Stone, there is a "desperate need" for this type of accommodation right now.
However, he noted that only the Liberal Democrats focused on this issue ahead of the recent general election, which he said was "disappointing".

The new Conservative government has therefore been urged to "meaningfully address" the supply of retirement housing during the next five years.

Writing in Property Week, Mr Fenton acknowledged that the Conservatives have demonstrated their commitment to providing financial security for retirees by announcing changes to pension rules.

As a result, he believes the party must put a similar effort into ensuring housing security in later life.
Mr Fenton warned that this "critical issue" will become much more prominent in the future, as the number of over-65s in Britain is likely to increase by more than half during the next 20 years.
This, he said, is happening at a time when the shortage of suitable housing for older people has reached severe levels.
Indeed, he stated that Britain only has around 110,000 units of owner-occupied specialist housing for older homeowners.
Mr Fenton said this is "nowhere near enough" and puts the UK behind other developed nations.

Charlotte Cook, a partner at Winckworth Sherwood Solicitors, commented: "There is need for more housing across all tenures; the impact of the proposed extension of the right to buy on homes for older people as well as others in need of affordable housing is greatly feared."