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Discipline and termination

State procedures Are there state-specific laws on the procedures employers must follow with regard to discipline and grievance procedures? No—however, employers should ensure that they do not create contractual rights through mandatory progressive disciplinary policies or procedures.

At-will or notice At-will status and/or notice period? Louisiana is an at-will employment state. Louisiana law has no required notice period before termination of at-will employment.

What restrictions apply to the above? Louisiana has a host of statutes (e.g., anti-discrimination and anti-retaliation statutes) that serve as exceptions to the employment at-will doctrine.

Final paychecks Are there state-specific rules on when final paychecks are due after termination? Yes—La. R.S. 23:631 mandates that any employee who is terminated or laid off must be paid his or her final wages in full by the next regularly scheduled payday or 15 days from the date of separation—whichever is sooner. If an employee resigns, final wages must be paid in full by the next regularly scheduled payday from the pay cycle during which the employee was working at the time of separation, or 15 days from the date of resignation—whichever is sooner.

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