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Employment relationship

State-specific laws What state-specific laws govern the employment relationship? No state-specific laws govern the employment relationship, other than common law at-will employment rules.

Who do these cover, including categories of workers? These cover all workers except workers employed under a contract for a specific period and those exempt from the at-will employment rules.

Misclassification Are there state-specific rules regarding employee/contractor misclassification? Employee/contractor misclassification issues arise only in unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation matters.

Contracts Must an employment contract be in writing? An employment contract need not be in writing.

Are any terms implied into employment contracts? No terms are implied within an employment contract.

Are mandatory arbitration agreements enforceable? Mandatory arbitration agreements are enforceable in Mississippi.

How can employers make changes to existing employment agreements? The parties must mutually agree to any changes made to existing employment agreements. 

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