A judge has ordered a property investor to pay his ex-wife £17 million.

Didier Thiry's former spouse Alisa secured a £37 million divorce settlement when she separated from her first husband a decade ago.  

However, she believed Mr Thiry had failed to honour the terms of their pre-nuptial agreement regarding her wealth and was therefore entitled to get back money that was rightfully hers.  

Judge Sir Peter Singer ruled in Mrs Thiry's favour, as the pre-nup had stated that, if the couple ever divorced, they should be in the same financial position as they were when they initially married.  

When the agreement had been made, Mr Thiry disclosed assets of approximately £8.3 million, while Mrs Thiry disclosed assets worth almost £32.3 million.  

Mr Thiry had already refused to comply with an order to disclose critical pieces of information earlier this year and was held in contempt of court. He has failed to appear at any hearings held during the last month choosing to remain abroad.  

Emily Brand, Partner and Head of the Family Department, commented: “This is a further example of how the courts are increasingly trying to uphold pre-nuptial agreements while at the same time insisting that the powers of the court are respected. It will be interesting to see how this order is enforced if Mr Thiry proves uncooperative and refrains from returning to the jurisdiction.”