Policymakers are under renewed pressure to deal with the shortage of specialist retirement homes across the UK.

According to McCarthy & Stone, a leading builder of retirement properties, many recent house building initiatives have focused on first-time buyers and young families.

However, the organisation believes this means housing designed with elderly people in mind is getting overlooked.

As a result, it has called on whoever forms the next government to address this issue and step up efforts to deliver more specialist retirement homes.

John White, chairman of McCarthy & Stone, said there is a "pressing need" to create more properties suitable for older people, due to Britain's ageing population.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he stated that this organisation has been urging all political parties to focus on this matter in the run-up to the general election.

Mr White insisted it is imperative they "look beyond the needs of first-time buyers and proactively encourage more and better housing options for our growing elderly population".

His calls echo a similar argument put forward recently by the National Housing Federation, which said it is essential that properties designed to suit senior citizens are given as much as priority as those for first-time buyers and younger families.

The organisation is also keen to see these homes come with integrated care services, as many people might struggle to cover the cost of care in later life.

Charlotte Cook, a partner at Winckworth Sherwood Solicitors, commented: "We wholeheartedly agree - whilst homes for first-time buyers may seem to be a vote winner, and indeed the core focus of the main political parties, the needs of the ageing population should not be ignored."