Smaller social housing providers who miss financial reporting deadlines can now expect to be named on the sector regulator's website.

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) has started publishing regulatory notices relating to those organisations with 1,000 homes or less that do not submit their accounts on time.

Bronwen Rapley, deputy director for investigation and enforcement at the body, told Inside Housing that the submission of accounts gives us "evidence of viability", adding "it is about transparency".

She insisted that while the HCA aims to be proportionate in how it deals with smaller organisations, those who continually fail to hand in the required information must expect enforcement action.

Regulatory notices are shorter than regulatory judgments and are only published wither when a provider with fewer than 1,000 units fails to comply with required economic or consumer standards.

Just this week, Dame Bertha Lopes Almshouses, Almshouses of William & Rebecca Pearce, Brent Community Housing, Charity of Sarah Jane Wood & Mary A Garnett, Harman Atwood for Almshouses and Curates House, Joseph Chariott’s Charity, the Abbeyfield Dorcas Society, the Abbeyfield Wallasey Society, and the Butlin & Elborow Housing Trust were named on the HCA for filing their accounts late.